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Production/Media Companies

Production/Media Companies can sign up in 2 mins.

We have a diverse and constantly refreshing active candidate community meaning that whatever your requirements we can give you access to the specific people you are looking for to improve your business.

Scouting for a suitable intern is by picking the required skills you need in an intern, then simply our innovative matching engine will amalgamate your choice and automatically tailor a shortlist or the best candidates, you then chose your intern from your shortlist.

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Student Interns

Students can sign up in 5 minutes.

We operate a transparent pricing model with no surprise costs or excess subscription fees. Priced fairly, our fees allow you to find an internship at a significantly lower cost than any other film Internship/recruitment platform in the United Kingdom.

To get started, just sign up with your university email address and create a new profile and upload your showreel/body of work and tell us a bit about yourself, what kind of internship you're looking for and what experience and skills you have.

Our sign up is quick and simple because we only ask for the information that employers are interested in at this stage.

Membership for as long as your academic course runs. To check out our packages click the button below

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Packages Available

For students there are four different packages to chose from: Undergraduate, Gap Year, Graduate Alumni and Full package

For educational institutions there are five different packages to chose from: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Alumni and Full Package

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Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions can sign up in 5 minutes

Once an Educational Institution has chosen to opt in the Mise en scène service you are doing so on behalf of ALL your students.

This mean that when your institution has a profile all new student members from your school will be signed up with a complimentary membership.

Your students will still will need to complete their own personal profile in order to be sourced by a film/media company.

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